Temporary Employees

北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式Welcome to Valdosta State University! Temporary employees are valuable members of the Valdosta State University workforce and are eligible for many of the same benefits and discounts as staff employees.

北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式Temporary employment is short in duration to address business needs and must meet the requirements and characteristics described below:

  1. A temporary is non-benefits eligible
  2. A temporary does not have an expectation of long-term employment.
  3. A temporary may be full-time or part-time.
  • A temporary employee may not exceed a total of 1,300 hours worked in a 12-consecutive month period. The 1,300 hours can be accumulated in any combination during the 12 month period after which the temporary employee must have a break in service of 26 weeks.  Employment applies across all USG institutions.
  •  If a temporary employee is needed beyond the 1,300 hours, they must be moved to a regular employee status.

北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式As per The Board of Regents policy, each employee is required (mandatory) to participate in USG Ethics Policy training within 90 days.  This policy establishes unified standards for the entire University System of Georgia. 

北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式(Note: Temporary staff hired through a temporary staffing agency are not VSU employees. For information regarding the process for hiring temporary staff through a temporary staffing agency, contact the Purchasing Office for assistance.)

Temporary Employee Discounts

Receive a VSU ID card that allows them access to all University Events equivalent to that of a staff employee.

Your VSU card also provides you with the same employee discounts as staff. Check out the Employee Discounts北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式 page for information on fun for you and your family!


A. Temporary employees have access to all professional development opportunities and training programs made available though Employee and Organizational Development Office.

B. Temporary employees are members of the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan, a retirement system for temporary, seasonal and part-time employees. As a member of the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan temporary employees are provided with a retirement payment when they meet the following criteria:

  • have terminated state employment
  • have at least $50,000 in their account, and
  • are at least 65 years old.

C. Members contribute seven and one half percent of their gross salary to the plan through payroll deductions. This amount is deposited into each member's account. A contributing member who terminates employment may apply for a refund of accumulated contributions and interest. Contact Human Resources for additional information.

D. Temporary employees are also able to contribute to a 403b or 457 retirement plan. 

E. Temporary Employees are covered under the State of Georgia Workers Compensation Program which is administered by Amerisys. If you experience an on-the job injury you should notify your supervisor immediately ( no later than 24 hours). Click on the Workers Compensation 北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式page for additional information.

北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式F. Temporary employees also qualify for family and medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Any employee (including part-time and temporary) of the University System of Georgia, who has:

  • 北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式been employed by the University System of Georgia for at least twelve months total (not necessarily the last twelve months), and

  • 北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period immediately preceding the leave

is eligible to be granted family leave for conditions authorized by the Family and Medical Leave Act. 北京快3必中公式,北京快3必中公式公式The Act provides that employees may be granted up to twelve work weeks of job-protected leave during a 12-month period.